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Linköping University has almost 28,000 students, around 25 percent of whom rent accommodation from Studentbostäder. We own and manage approximately 4200 units of student accommodation in areas close to the university. The largest is Ryd with 2700 units. The other areas are Flamman and Fjärilen in Gottfridsberg, Lambohov, Valla and T1.

Who are we?

Studentbostäder's 15 or so employees are committed to ensuring that its tenants always receive good service and are happy in their home. The first people you will meet are our Customer Service team at the office in Vallastaden, who take care of issues such as rentals, keys and moving out. There are also a number of local area managers who work to improve your residential environment and who take care of inspections when tenants move out. In addition, we have a central management team who address more general issues and deal with the important contacts with housing associations, the student union service organisation Kårservice and Linköping University. Studentbostäder is actively involved in developing student accommodation, not least through our membership of the Swedish Student Accommodation Association.  

Links with Stångåstaden

Studentbostäder is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB Stångåstaden, and our switchboard and Customer Service also serve their customers. When you call, you may therefore occasionally be asked which company you are a customer of. Once we know that, we can help you more quickly with your enquiry. 

Environmental policy

In active partnership with all our customers and partners, Studentbostäder i Linköping AB shall contribute to sustainable development in the long term and the creation of safe and healthy living environments. We are committed to preventing environmental problems and constantly reducing our negative environmental impact, for example through more efficient use of energy and materials and by choosing eco-aware products. Environmental considerations are to be included in all applicable decisions and consideration for the environment is to be ingrained in every part of the business. Statutory environmental requirements constitute a minimum standard. We aim to be known for our active environmental work and for offering our customers healthy and eco-aware accommodation. We are certified according to environmental management system ISO 14001. You can read the enviromental policy here. ​

Rent negotiations

Almost every year negotiations are conducted between Studentbostäder and KOMBO, the student tenants' association, concerning rent levels for Studentbostäder's accommodation. KOMBO negotiates rent for all our tenants, as stated in the rental agreement and as governed by the Swedish Rent Negotiation Act. There may also be a number of smaller-scale negotiations annually relating, for example, to adjustments of rent levels to account for refurbishment and redevelopment work.

The negotiations always open with the party that wishes to change the current agreement, i.e. Studentbostäder or KOMBO, submitting a written request for negotiation with the other party. Once the written request has been received, a time is arranged for a first meeting to open negotiations. Studentbostäder is represented by the people responsible for negotiations, while KOMBO is represented by Kårservice. Rent negotiations begin during the spring term and the new rental terms and rents generally come into force from 1 July that year.

Like many other companies, Studentbostäder is subject to price changes of various kinds from the suppliers we use to ensure our tenants enjoy good quality accommodation. Issues that impact on our finances may include increases in the cost of electricity, heating or water, a substantial need to conduct repairs and maintenance or a need to build new student accommodation. Since rental income from our tenants has to cover all the costs of our business, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the rents.

Consolidated Annual Reports


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