About this website

Accessibility to the website .studentbostader

Studentbostäder in Linköping is the registered owner of this website. It is our ambition that as many people as possible can use the website.

In this information sheet we will describe 

  • how the website .studentbostader complies with the law on accessibility within digital public service
  • any known accessibility problems 
  • how you can report failings and how we can correct them

How accessible is the website?

This website is partially compliant with the law on accessibility within digital public service.

What can you do if you cannot use parts of the website

If you require information from the website in another format than the website provides you can contact us at info@studentbostader.se. The response time is normally three working days.

Reporting failings with the website’s accessibility 

We strive constantly to improve the website’s accessibility. If you encounter any problems that are not included in this information sheet or you feel we do not follow the stipulations in the law, please contact and inform us about these issues.


The Agency for Digital Government has the overall responsibility and governance regarding the law on accessibility within digital service. If you are dissatisfied with how we deal with your views and opinions, you can report it to the Agency. (please click on the following link)

Report to the Agency, "Myndigheten för digital förvaltning"

Technical information about the website’s accessibility

This website is partially compatible with level AA in the standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1. The content that is not accessible is explained below.

Problems faced when using tools to read content

Navigation and links 

• When navigating using the keyboard only it is not possible to control all parts of the interface. WCAG 2.1.1 (A), WCAG 2.1.2 (A), WCAG 2.1.3 (AAA), WCAG 3.2.1 (A), WCAG 3.2.2 (A).

• When navigating using the keyboard the keyboard focus is not highlighted clearly enough when using the browser focus indicator on the website. WCAG 2.4.7 (AA).

• On the website there is a missing shortcut to the site’s main contents. WCAG 2.4.1 (A).

• When using voice control the visually visible and hidden tags do not match. WCAG 2.5.3 (A).

• There may be a lack of clear grouping of content in the code. This means that groups of links and information areas are not aligned. WCAG 1.3.1 (A).

• Amongst other things the logotype and links to our social media lack text (an accessible name) that could be perceived by aids. WCAG 2.4.4 (A).

• The value contrast in a number of the frame layouts is too low which makes it difficult to distinguish between interface elements.

Lists and tables not coded correctly

A number of lists on the website are not coded properly. There are missing list-elements, th-elements for rows and column headings and caption-elements. This is mainly when using the Search available apartments, My rent statement and search results for searching the website. WCAG 1.3.1 (A), WCAG 4.1.2 (A).


It may occur that text is presented as a picture and information about the text is missing in the alt-text. The alt-text may be missing. Maps on the website that are intended for navigation, for example our housing areas lack alternative location information. WCAG 1.4.5 (AA), WCAG 1.4.9 (AAA), WCAG 1.1.1 (A).


• In some forms on the website there are missing headers, they are found in div-elements instead of label-elements. This is found for example in the forms, Registering in the housing queue and Error report. WCAG 1.3.1 (A), WCAG 2.4.6 (AA), WCAG 3.3.2 (A), WCAG 4.1.2 (A).

• In some forms there is a missing autocomplete attribute in the form field, for example the page Registering in the housing queue. WCAG 1.3.5 (AA).

• It may happen that some visual buttons do not have an accessible name. WCAG 1.1.1 (A), WCAG 4.1.2 (A).

• In some of the forms on the website, for example the page Change password there is only a colour highlighted around the frame when there is an error. Text to describe what the error is, is missing. WCAG 3.3.1 (A)

• In some forms, such as Change password and Registration there are missing description messages in the event of errors in the respective fields. WCAG 3.3.1 (A).

• On a number of pages updates occur in the interface dynamically without the page reloading or the focus indicator moving. WCAG 4.1.3 (AA)

• The attribute aria-expanded can be missing on objects that fold and unfold in the area. WCAG 4.1.2 (A)

Session logging 

After logging in on the website and being inactive for 20 minutes the user is logged out automatically without any message giving an opportunity to prolong the session.

The final assessment of all known accessibility problems was established in September 2020. The complete website will be rebuilt during 2021 and all known problems will be rectified.

How we have tested the website

We have carried out an internal audit of the website .studentbostader. The latest comprehensive review was completed in September 2020 and approved by the steering committee for Studentbostäders web.