Cookies are used for this site.

Due to the law of Electronic Communications, Lagen om elektronisk kommunikation (2003:389), which came into force on 25 July 2003, we are obligated to inform everyone who visits our website following, since it contains cookies:

  • That our website is containing cookies
  • What we use these cookies for
  • How cookies can be avoided

From 1 July 2011 the user has to give us authorization and the visitor's consent to use of cookies unless they are necessary to provide the specific service that the visitor has expressly requested. Approval is given by the settings of cookies in your browser.

On our web-site,, we use so-called session cookies (temporary cookies) and cookies for statistics. 

Session cookies are used when the user log on and are posted on the user's computer as long as the user is logged on. When the user log off, the cookie will disappear from your computer. No information about the user is stored in the cookie, only a code for the server to keep track of your login.

Cookies for the statistics used to measure how many visitors we have on our sites and what browser that is used.

If you do not approve that we are using cookies you can disable them via your browser's security settings. This means that the site will be functionality limited.

Read more about the law of Electronic Communications

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