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kille och tjej i bibliotek
kille och tjej i bibliotek

Accepted to Linköping University this fall? Congrats and welcome!

We’re glad that you’ll start studying in Linköping and wish to congratulate you on a good choice. You can read about most of the things you need to know as a newely admitted student, down below. Good to know already now is that we will also have extended opening hours on Saturday, August 19th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, so that you can pick up your keys at Tornet, Tornbyvägen 1F.

New in town? You have priority in our queue

It may be difficult to find a good student home quickly if you are new in town. That’s why you have priority in our queue for some flats.

The priority applies to:

• Mainly dorm rooms with moving in-date 1 August – 1 October. This is also applied to some apartment to a limited extent.
• Students currently not living and registered in Linköping municipality.
• Students accepted to Linköping University for the first time.
Of applicants with priority, the ones with most queue points will be offered a student home. If you turn down a priority offer, you have forfeited your right to priority.

You can see in the example below how we publish flats during this summer:

​Flat is publishedPublishing endsLast day to reply to your offer
​July 9, 10 AMJuly 13, 10 AM​July 17, 10 AM
​July 13, 10 AM​July 17, 10 AM​July 21, 10 AM
​July 16, 10 AM​July 20, 10 AM​July 24, 10 AM

Flats with priority are published this way, as in the example above, during the summer and all the way until October 1. This follows our normal publishing intervals, Sunday – Thursday and Thursday – Sunday, but with the exception that the publishing times and time to reply is set to 10 AM.
It is very important that you contact us as soon as possible during this period if you experience any issues with your application for a flat, your offer or signing of contract.

Kindly note, that flats without priority will also be published during this period.