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Accepted to Linköping University this autumn? Congrats and welcome!

If you're also new in town, you have priority in our queue

We're glad that you'll start studying in Linköping and wish to congratulate you on a good choice. New in town, it may be difficult to find a good accommodation quickly. That's why you have priority in our queue for rooms.

The priority applies to:

  • Corridor rooms with moving in date August 1st–September 30th

  • Studio apartments published on our website July 16th - July 20th, July 23rd-July 27th.

  • Students currently not living in Linköping municipality.

  • Students accepted to Linköping University for the first time. 

Of applicants with priority, the ones with most queue points will be offered an accommodation. If you turn down an offered accomodation, you have exhausted your right to priority. 

These are the dates our rooms and apartments are published, and deadlines to accept an offer. 

PublishingPublishing endsDeadline
July 16th
July 20th, 9 AM
July 22nd, 9 AM
July 23rd
July 27th, 9 AM
July 29th, 9 AM
July 30th (fast-moving housing)

Cancelled rooms are published at 10 AM–2 PM. We will call you if you are offered a room due to cancellation. We only call once so make sure you answer if you have applied.

August 6th
August 10th, 9 AM
August 12th, 9 AM
August 13th 
August 17th, 9 AM
August 19th, 9 AM
August 20th (fast-moving housing)

Still having difficulties finding a place to stay?

You can also look here:

At KOMBO you can look for cohabitants and post an ad. There are also temporary student housing if absolutely needed. KOMBO's number is (+46)13-28 28 05.

Linköping municipality
Linköping municipality has a list of student housing and other landlords in Linköping.

Blocket is a great place to search for accomodation.  

It may also be worth looking for housing in Norrköping. It's 40 kilometres from Linköping but free buses traffic every weekday between 6 am and 7 pm.

How to search accommodation with Studentbostäder>

Good to know!
  • You can not apply for housing before July 16th.

  • You do not have to send us your admission letter until you have been offered an accommodation.
  • Make sure your telephone number on My Pages is correct and be ready to answer if we try to call you. If we cannot reach you the offer will go to someone else.

  • If you turn down an offered accomodation, you have exhausted your right to priority. 

  • If you have changed your mind and don't want the accommodation that you have got an offer at, you need to contact us immediately +46 13-20 86 60.
  • If you want to terminate your contract before you have moved in you have full notice period. The notice period can be found on your contract.