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A few of our buildings with student apartments in Ryds Allé, Linköping.

​​​​As a new student at Linköping University, you may not be sure where you want to live, or in what kind of accommodation. Hopefully the information here will give you a better idea.

Our various accommodation options are spread across seven different sites, all in excellent locations for students. The apartments come in various sizes, most commonly with one or two rooms. These provide you with your own separate accommodation with a toilet, shower and kitchenette or kitchen. In Flamman, Irrblosset and Ryd we also have corridor accommodation, where you rent a room with an ensuite toilet and shower, but share a common room and kitchen with the rest of your corridor. Our sites also offer various other facilities, including study rooms, saunas and rooms for playing table tennis or pool. If you have visiting friends or family, you can book a guest room at a low rate. 








“I didn’t really know what it would be like sharing a kitchen and so on with other people. But I’m really glad I went for this option. You meet so many people, it’s brilliant!”

Name: Oskar Sjöstrand
From: Lund
Lives in: In a corridor room in Ryd

After a number of months in Ryd, Oskar Sjöstrand thinks that, although the buildings and the architecture may not be the most exciting in the world, it's a really cool place to live as a student. 

You had to wait a bit to get your accommodation, didn't you?
"Yes, I hadn't planned things very well and didn't have many queue points. Just before university was about to start, I kept a really close eye on Housing direct on Studentbostäder's website, even setting my alarm clock to get first refusal on any new postings. After a couple weeks a room came up and I managed to get it. It actually worked out quite well." 

Had you been to Linköping and Ryd before?
"No, my girlfriend, who was also starting here, and I knew nothing about the city, just that people talked like Tage Danielsson, with Sweden's nicest accent, hahaha! And when I asked around about Ryd, the responses varied." 

So how did it turn out?
"I love it here, Ryd is a really vibrant student area. It may not be the world's most exciting place in terms of architecture and the buildings, but I think my room and my corridor are both really good."

Would you have chosen a corridor room if you'd had other options?
"Now I know what it's like, I definitely would, but maybe not before. I was quite nervous when I moved in, and I didn't really know what it would be like sharing a kitchen and so on with other people. But I'm really glad I went for this option. You meet so many people, it's brilliant! And the kitchen thing works fine, we keep everything clean and tidy!"

Are you going to carry on living here?
"My girlfriend and I have just started looking for somewhere to live together, but it might take some time. And I really have no problem with living here a while longer. It's really cool!"

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“The best thing about the apartment is that it’s an apartment. I only have one room plus a kitchen and a bathroom, but the layout means I don’t end up sitting on the bed all the time.”

Name: Justiina Ekblom
From: Stockholm
Lives in: A one-room apartment in Fjärilen

Justiina is in her second year of a Master's degree in International and European Relations and by now has got to know Linköping well.

Why did you choose Fjärilen?
"I've rented from other landlords in Linköping and I've also tried corridor life, but I felt like I wanted my own space. I've always thought Fjärilen was a good area, so I applied for and got my current apartment in summer 2013."

How would you describe Fjärilen to someone who has never been here?
"I'd say it's in a great location, close to the Campus and the city centre. It's a typical student residence really, but a bit quieter and calmer than the student residences in Ryd, for example."

What's the best thing about your apartment?
"The best thing about the apartment is that it's an apartment. It feels really good to move away from living on a corridor as I come to the end of my studies. I may only have one room plus a kitchen and a bathroom, but the layout means you can use the wardrobes as a screen to make a bed alcove. That way, I don't end up sitting on the bed all the time."

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