Alsättersgatan 1 and Rydsvägen 244.

We are just about to finish the reconstruction of Rydsvägen 256 - Rydsvägen 262. We have rebuilt the corridor rooms into apartments with kitchenettes. We have also built bigger apartments with two (2) rooms.

Now we are continuing with the same concept on Alsättersgatan 1 and Rydsvägen 244. We will rebuild 75 corridor rooms into apartments with kitchenettes and the existing apartments will be rebuilt. This means that there altogether will be 14 more apartments.

Approximately time plan:

​Alsättersgatan 1 A
April 2020
​June 2020
​Alsättersgatan 1 B
​September 2020
​November 2020
​Alsättersgatan 1 C
​June 2020
​September 2020
​​Rydsvägen 244 A
​November 2020
​​January 2021
​Rydsvägen ​244 B
March 2021
​June 2021
​Rydsvägen ​244 C
​January 2021
​March 2021

Bathroom renovation 

Rydsvägen 254 – 262 (Floor 4 in A,C and floor 3 in B)

We continue with the bathroom renovation on Rydsvägen 254 - Rydsvägen 262. The renovation will begin in February 2020 and will be finished in September 2020. 

Our project administrator Susanne Andersson will contact you, who is affected by the renovation, prior to the construction start. You can always contact Susanne directly if you have any questions regarding the renovation. You can contact her by phone, +4613-208663 or by e-mail, (susanne.andersson)

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