Timetable for the reconstruction at Ryd

The reconstruction at Ryd are in progress. Some smaller changes have been made in the approximatly time plan.

About the reconstruction

We will convert the corridor rooms into one room apartments and the kitchens and common areas into two room apartments.
This will turn 256 corridor rooms into apartments of 20 square meters with their own kitchenette and the common areas and kitchens will become 32 two room apartments of 40 square meters.

For the tenants on the top floor, the extension apartments, there will be no change. However you will be living at a construction site. You will receive a compensation for this and we are negotiating with KOMBO, the student tenant organization, regarding this.

Approximately time plan:

​Rydsvägen 262 C
​Rydsvägen 262 B
​Rydsvägen 244 A
November 2020
​January 2021
Rydsvägen ​244 B
​March 2021
​June 2021
Rydsvägen ​244 C
January 2021
​March 2021
​Alsättersgatan 1 A
April 2020
​June 2020
​Alsättersgatan 1 B
​September 2020
​November 2020
​Alsättersgatan 1 C
​June 2020
​September 2020

Bathrooms renovation 

We are renovating the bathrooms of the apartments at the top of the following buildings:

​Rydsvägen 250 A-C
​Rydsvägen 252 A-C

I will contact you who is affected by this prior to the construction start, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Susanne Andersson

Reconstruction coordinator
Tel: 004613-208663 eller (susanne.andersson)

Kind regards
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