Limited service during weekend 17-19 of November

During the weekend 17-19 th of November we will be upgrading our system. The work is planned to start at 07.00 on the 17 of November and continue untill 09.00 on the 20th of November.


Our office will be open as normal on November, 17th but with a reduced service. If you need urgent help please contact Studentbostäders out of hours service on telephone 013-14 84 44.


Limited service also on the web


During the upgrading our web based services will also be limited:

- You cannot log in to My Pages.

- You cannot registrer for and/or apply for an apartment.

- You cannot book the washing room or other rooms via My Pages.


*Previous booked times will not be affected. 


The "snabba" washing rooms will be open/unlocked for use and can be found at the following addresses:

Alsättersgatan 13 Room 1 (HOUSE 1)

Alsättersgatan 7 Room 1 (HOUSE 3)

Björnkärrsgatan 6 Room 1 (HOUSE 6)​

Björnkärrsgatan 2 Room 1(HOUSE 8)

Björnkärrsgatan 1 B Room 1 (HOUSE 9)

Rydsvägen 248 Room 1 (HOUSE 7)

Västanågatan 24 Wash 1 and Wash 2 (Fast)

Tröskaregatan 10 Floor 2

Tröskaregatan 12 Floor1


Below you will find other washing rooms that do not require booking:

Alsättersgatan 11 (HOUSE 4)

Alsättersgatan 5 (HOUSE 5)

Rydsvägen 254 (Basement)

Rydsvägen 260 (Basement)

Rydsvägen 248 (Basement)

Björnkärrsgatan 13 B (Basement)

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