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Do you need putty during the summer?

As a tenant with studentbostäder, we want you to have a smooth stay with us, even when you are planing to move out. During this summer you will be able to collect putty, for reparing plug holes, in your neigborhood.

If you need putty for reparing plug holes in your apartment och corridor room, you will be able to pick that up in some of the areas mentioned below. Put som putty in the plastic cup and bring to your room. Just use the putty in the plug hole when reparing, and make sure that there´s no putty outside the area you will repair. Sometimes you have to put putty on the area several times to get a smooth surface.

You can pick your putty up here:

Ryd: In the laundry room at Rydsvägen 260
Flamman: In your mailbox room
Fjärilen: In the drop in laundry room
Vallastaden: In the bike repair shop
Tröskaregatan: The new recycling room (Tröskaregatan 69)
Drabantgatan: In the recycling room
Irrblosset: In the recycling room

We wish you a great summer!
The team at Studentbostäder