Tips for tenants

When you rent accommodation from us, regular maintenance is included. If you want to put a more personal touch to your home, there are certain things to bear in mind:

+ You are allowed to repaint a wall, but contact the area manager first. If the quality of the work is poor or if the colour is considered extreme, you may have to pay for it to be repainted when you move out.
– You are not allowed to lay new flooring or paint doors, kitchen cupboards or wardrobe doors.

+ You may put up shelves and pictures, but think carefully before starting to drill holes or knock in nails. An unreasonable number of holes or ugly holes in the walls must be filled in before moving out. See our instruction video here.
– You are not permitted to make holes in or nail into tiles, grouting or wall panelling. The same goes for flooring, doors, cupboards and other woodwork. 

+ You're welcome to change the curtain fittings if you wish, but save the original fittings so you can reinstall them when you move out.

+ It's OK to install a peephole and extra lock, but you are responsible for maintaining the lock and you must leave the keys when you move out. 

+ Any dishwasher must be installed by a qualified fitter. Contact the area manager before ordering the appliance.

+ If you hire furnished accommodation and want to replace the furniture provided, you must arrange for its storage and also ensure that it is put back in place when you move out. Naturally, we'll replace broken or worn-out furniture as required.

Smart cleaning tips

If you've never lived away from home before, looking after your own place may be new to you. We've therefore put together a few information sheets to help you with keeping everything clean. We also suggest you watch our cleaning video.

Hob, oven and extractor fan 
Fridge and freezer 
Sink and floor drains  

Watch our video for some cleaning tips!

Pets or pests?

There are some animals we invite into our homes, but others turn up as uninvited guests. Pests come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common in Swedish homes are the flour beetle and the carpet beetle. Mild winters and increased travel have unfortunately been good news for rats and bedbugs. One way of keeping pests and vermin away is to thoroughly clean kitchen cupboards, drawers and behind the cooker. Other tips include washing your clothes after travelling abroad and checking through directly imported food you've bought.

If you discover pests in your apartment, you must inform us immediately. Please don't hesitate – as a tenant you're entitled to free pest eradication measures, and the quicker you report a problem the better. Call Service & Repairs on 013-10 02 84 or send a message via My Pages.

Find out more about pests here:

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