Can I play music in my apartment? How late can I shower? Is it OK that my neighbour's TV drowns out mine? What do I do if my sleep is disturbed every night?

​Student residences are home to people with different habits and daily rhythms, which can sometimes lead to people being disturbed. Under the Tenancy Act, you should show "reasonable tolerance" towards occasional brief disturbances, but there are no rules about when people can play loud music, party or run water. You should always be guided by consideration for others and common sense. 

If you are disturbed by someone, it's best if you talk to that person first. If things don't improve, you can report the disturbance to us. During the daytime, contact the area manager for your area, or outside office hours you can call the Disturbance Watch 013‑14 84 44. When reporting a disturbance, you must give your name and telephone number, but we will never reveal this information to the person being reported. Disturbance Watch staff will go to the site to check the situation and talk to the tenant causing the disturbance. All incidents, even those that cannot be confirmed, are logged. Repeated or serious disturbances can lead to termination of the rental agreement.

Home insurance

Now you have your own home, you need good home insurance to protect you in the event of a fire, water damage, burglary or some other unforeseen incident. Through us, you can take out insurance with Länsförsäkringar Östgöta at a great rate and pay your premium together with your rent – how easy is that!

SEK 80 a month is all the cover costs if you're living alone in a student room or small apartment. The full-value insurance policy means you don't need to worry about how much your belongings are worth. 

Länsförsäkringar Östgöta will also pay the excess on one claim while you are studying, an offer worth SEK 1 200.

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Monthly cost 2017:

Floor area, m2





Monthly cost

         SEK 80

        SEK 95

        SEK 108

       SEK 122


Disturbance Watch

013-14 84 44