TV and internet

With us, both cable TV and internet are included in the rent. Simply plug your TV and computer into the sockets in your accommodation for direct access to a wide range of TV channels and 100/10 Mbit broadband.

The cable TV, supplied by Com Hem, has a basic package of 14 channels – SVT1, SVT2, SVT24/Barnkanalen (kids), Kunskapskanalen (documentaires), TV3, TV4, Kanal 5, TV6, Sjuan, TV8, Kanal 9, TV10, Kanal 11, TV12, 24NT, TLC och Fox.  

​The broadband is supplied by Bahnhof through Utsikt Bredband's student network, with speeds of up to 100/10 Mbit as standard. When you connect your computer to the broadband socket, you will automatically be directed to Utsikt's customer portal, where you'll receive further instructions on how to get connected. If you would like to have a wire less connection you are welcome to buy a router and install it yourself.

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