Why should you live with us?

Our name, Studentbostäder, means "student accommodation" and that's exactly what we offer. We have over 4 200 apartments and corridor rooms in excellent locations around Linköping. 

As our tenant, you not only have access to our services such as maintenance, upkeep of communal areas and the Disturbance Watch helpline. You also get two rent-free months a year (June and July) if you sign a contract with 10 months rent, cable TV and broadband, as well as the option of taking out home insurance at a great price. For extra security, all our residences are fitted with electronic access systems. Welcome to our smarter student accommodation!

Who can live with us

Anyone who meets the Rental Policy criteria can sign an agreement with us. The main conditions are that you must be at least 18 years old and a student at Linköping University, plus you must have an acceptable income and no rent-related debts.


Rental policy for Studentbostäder i Linköping AB

Studentbostäder i Linköping AB (referred to below as “Studentbostäder”) provides safe, affordable and environmentally friendly student accommodation as one of Sweden’s leading student housing providers. Signing a rental agreement is an important legal transaction that brings with it certain rights and obligations. Our goal is to ensure that all our tenants feel comfortable and safe in the housing provided by Studentbostäder.

The Rental Policy states:

  • The accommodation is classed as temporary accommodation in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Swedish Riskdag in 1971 (government bill 1971:13).

  • Studentbostäder offers rental agreements for student accommodation primarily for students at undergraduate level at Linköping University. Undergraduate level is defined as university studies up to and including a Master's degree. This must be confirmed by a letter of admission for new students or proof of study (for example a Verified Certificate of Enrolment from Studentportalen or a Ladok printout) for students already enrolled and participating in a course. These must be presented at the time of signing the rental agreement.

  • In order to sign and retain a rental agreement for student accommodation, the student is required to present documentation proving that he/she is an active student at Linköping University and has gained at least 11 credits per term. 

  • The prospective tenant must be over 18 years of age when the rental agreement is drawn up.

  • The prospective tenant must have the means to pay the rent on the accommodation applied for. If the financial status of the student is unknown, a credit check will be carried out.

  • If the prospective tenant has one or more payment defaults or debts which may affect the ability to pay the rent, the prospective tenant may be refused a rental agreement with Studentbostäder. If the requirement for an acceptable income cannot be fulfilled, the prospective tenant may still be awarded a rental agreement with Studentbostäder if there is an approved guarantor or other rental guarantee in place. An individual assessment is made on a case-by-case basis.

  • All debts to Studentbostäder and any other landlord must be settled.

  • Previous tenancies must have been free from complaints of disturbance.

  • It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure there is a current home insurance policy in place.

  • All student accommodation rental agreements are for a 10-month billing period, which means no payment is required in the months of June and July. To be entitled to a 10-month billing period, the rental agreement must take effect on or before 1 May and the full rent for the month of May has to be paid. This applies not only to accommodation, but also to parking spaces and storage areas.

  • The number of people living in a corridor room (room with shared kitchen) must not exceed one (1) person. The number of people living in an apartment must not exceed two (2) people per bedroom. One adult can be replaced by a maximum of two (2) children.

  • Housing checks are carried out by Studentbostäder to ensure that tenants fulfil the requirement of being an active student at Linköping University.

  • Studentbostäder reserves the right to select its tenants.

  • Two months rent-free (if you sign contract with 10 months billing period)
  • Free cable TV
  • Broadband included in rent
  • Electronic access control