How it works in Vallavåningen

We believe that differences are enriching. This is why the rooms in Vallavåningen are ticketed based on faculty. Vallavåningen has 15 rooms to rent each. This is a brand new accommodation concept for us. We think we have taken the advantage of living in a separate apartment with the benefits of accommodation in a corridor. To Vallavåningen we give priority to those who have finished at least 11 credits per semester for at least two semesters.

One of the rooms has a private shower that is larger than the others. In addition, this room is 22 sqm, ie 8 sqm larger than the other rooms. Therefore, we allow two people to share this room. Everyone who fulfill the conditions in our Rental Policy, may apply for this room, regardless of educational orientation/faculty, but applicants who have a physical functional limitation are given priority to this room.

The other 14 rooms are 14 sqm and single rooms. The rooms are earmarked based on the education direction/faculty and the total number of students at each faculty. When applying, it is stated in the information about specific room which educational orientation/faculty is prioritized.

Priority is given as follows:
- Filosofiska fakulteten, 5 rooms
- Medicinska fakulteten, 2 rooms
- Tekniska fakulteten, 5 rooms
- Utbildningsvetenskap, 2 rooms

Special conditions for you who live here

In Vallavåningen you live very close to the others with whom you share the apartment. For better and worse that is. It is you and the others who live in Vallavåningen who make the conditions of how you want the accommodation to be, but certain conditions we decide. Among other things, we and our contracted contractors will have access to the common areas in Vallavåningen to perform cleaning, check out the situation and to repair things that have broken or failed. We will also allow our Disturbance Watch access to the common areas, so that they can intervene if they receive notification of disturbance.

Vallavåningen is made from an idea of innovative thinking about collective housing and is a precursor among the Swedish student housing companies. We have already received requests from various organizations to have a study visit in Vallavåningen. Therefore we will have a scheduled time each week from the autumn after moving in date, as we can show up the common areas in the Vallavåningen for visitors. The time is Thursdays between 10 and 16, and if changed, we will of course give notice about it.

In the case that conflicts arise that you and the others cannot solve yourselves, we will be entitled to convene meetings to compulsory meetings to end the conflict. We do not hope that we will need to do this, but it is a security for both residents and us.
The common areas, i.e. the kitchen, the hallway area, the shared restrooms and the living rooms, will be cleaned by a cleaning company a couple of hours a week. However, you and the others who live in Vallavåningen have the main responsibility for cleaning of all areas. It's also you along with the others who are responsible for reporting faults to us, if the shared equipment get broken or do not work properly.

We think that the above is not really a big deal for you who choose to live in Vallavåningen. Living together is all about common sense and that we, through an active dialogue, will solve future problems.

Finally. Take the chance to live in a cool new concept. Welcome to Vallavåningen!

Människor som samtalar och umgås i gemensamt kök, fotografi.
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