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Accessibility report

Accessibility is important for us and it is our ambition that many as possible can use the website. Studentbostäder in Linköping is the registered owner of this website.

In this information sheet we will describe:

  • How this website complies with the law on accessibility within digital public service
  • Any known accessibility problems
  • How you can report failings and how we can correct them
  • How we have tested the website

How accessible is the website?

This website is partially compliant with the law on accessibility within digital public service.

Known accessibility problems

  • Layouts and energy declaration
  • Maps
  • 360 pictures

We can not solve that our layouts and maps always are described with text. You are welcome to contact our customer service in order to get that information.

Session logging

After logging in on the website and being inactive for 10 minutes the user is logged out automatically without any message giving an opportunity to prolong the session.

Reporting failings with the website’s accessibility

We strive constantly to improve the website’s accessibility. If you encounter any problems that are not included in this information sheet or you feel we do not follow the stipulations in the law, please contact and inform us about these issues.

You can also contact us if you need information from this website in another way that the website provides.

Usually we answer within three days.


The Agency for Digital Government has the overall responsibility and governance regarding the law on accessibility within digital service. If you are dissatisfied with how we deal with your views and opinions, you can report it to the Agency. (please click on the following link)

Myndigheten för digital tillgänglighet

How we have tested the website

We have carried out an external audit of this website by Axesslabb. The latest comprehensive review was completed in October 2021.