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How to apply

In order to apply for a home, you have to be registered in our housing queue and be a student at Linköping University. As soon as you have registered, you will begin collecting queue points. All of our available units are published continuously at Search apartment.

Here’s how it work– step by step

  1. Register in Studentbostäders’ housing queue
  2. Collect queue points
  3. Registration of interest
  4. Reply to offer
  5. Sign agreement

1. Register in Studentbostäder’s housing queue

You can register in our housing queue before you have been accepted to Linköping University. You can register from the year you turn 17 years old. Register in Studentbostäders housing queue

2. Collect queue points

Once you have registered, you will automatically begin collecting queue points. You use the queue points to apply for student housing.

  • You will receive one (1) queue point for each day you are registered in our housing queue – that is, 365 points per year.  
  • Registering in our queue is free.
  • You have to log in at least once every six months to keep your queue points.
  • Your user account and your points are personal and can not be transferred to another person.
  • If you have children staying with you, you can get 300 extra queue points. Present a family registration certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency or corresponding international document translated into English or Swedish. Note that you cannot apply for dormitories with the extra points.

3. Registration of interest

In order to register your interest in student housing, you must be a student at Linköping University and be taking at least 11 credits per semester. If you are a new student, you can apply for accommodation when you have received your admission notification, but at the earliest from 11 July 2024.

  • You can register a maximum of five (5) objects of interest for each publishing period. E.g. ten new flats are published from Tuesday until Friday and you can apply your interest for five of them. Then ten new flats are published from Tuesday to Friday after that and you can make five more applications and so on.
  • When you register your interest in multiple homes, there is no ranking. They should all be equal to you and you have no possibility to select which one you wish to receive an offer for.
  • Available housing is published continuously and allocated according to queue points.
  • Available housing

4. Reply to your offer

If you have the most points among those who have registered their interest in a unit, you will receive an offer. You reply to the offer on My Pages. You will then find the contact information for the person who can show you the home, which is usually the current tenant.  You can see how many days you have to accept or decline the property in the offer sent to you. To do this, simply click on the reply link under the offer on My Pages. If you accept the offer, you will automatically be linked to the Sign Agreement page. 

When you accept an offer, you have entered into an agreement to rent the residence from Studentbostäder. If you change your mind, please contact us immediately on 013 – 20 86 60

  • Reply to the offer in time.
  • You keep your points when you accept an offer.
  • If you do not reply to the offer in time, the object will be allocated to another applicant.
  • If you decline five (5) offers within one (1) year, your queue points will be reset.
  • You can have one active offer at a time. You need to reject an active offer in order to get a new one.
  • If the first person in the queue already has an offer, the new offer goes to the next applicant in the queue.
  • If you have stayed with us for less than tree months, you will not receive an offer if you are applying for the same type of housing in same area with similar properties.
  • We do not prioritize changes between the same type of housing, if the contract date is the same for the two residences.

5. Sign the agreement

You can sign your agreement quickly and easily via My Pages using draw signature or BankID. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us to finalise your agreement in other ways.


If you are going to study at Linköping University,  you can start to applying for housing as soon as you have received your admission letter.

You only pay rent for 10 months of the year. You do not pay rent in June and July. If you are a new tenant moving to Studentbostäder from another landlord and your contract with us starts within the period May 2nd – July 31st, the rent-free months will not apply to you.

Your offer in My Pages states who is responsible for showing the apartment. The contact information disappear when you reply to the offer.

There can not be more than one person on the agreement. You can create a guest user in our app so your parner can access the booking of study rooms, and make fault reports. 

If you have an active rental agreement (the rental agreement has not been terminated) with Studentbostäder, you can credit yourself with the queue time from your last move-in date in your current home. Contact Stångåstaden, 013-20 85 00, to get these points.

If your queue date at Stångåstaden is older than your most recent move-in date, the queue point will not be affected. Regardless of whether you are registered with both Stångåstaden and Studentbostäder, each queue day is one point and the points cannot be added together.

You have to log into My Pages at least once every six months to keep your queue points. When you log into My Pages, your place in the queue is updated automatically.

No, you must be enrolled at LiU and be taking a course that earns you at least 11 credits per term in order to get housing through us.

No, the queue points are personal and cannot be transferred to another person or combined with their points.