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Studentrum med soffa och säng
Studentrum med soffa och säng

Guest room

If you have friends or family visiting, book one of our guest rooms. You book a guest room by chatting with us. You can book a maximum of one week per month. The electronic badge (tagg) to the room is picked up on Tornbyvägen 1F, Monday to Friday 12.00 – 16.00 and you have access to your booked room from 12 noon on your booked day. You need to leave the room before 10 am on the day of your departure. An invoice for your stay is sent to a few weeks after your booking has passed. It is also possible to pay for the room with Swish.

It is your responsibility that your guests clean up after themselves. Cleaning materials should always be available in the room. Kindly report to us if something is missing in the room. If the room is not sufficiently clean after your stay, we will charge you a cleaning fee of SEK 1200. Considering that the next person renting the room may be allergic, all our guest rooms are pet-free. All rooms are on located on entrance level and if you are renting a room in Ryd, you have access to a parking lot as well.


SEK 250 / night Monday – Thursday
SEK 750 / weekend (Friday 12.00 noon to Monday 10.00 a.m.)

Here are our guest rooms:

Ryd (Alsättersgatan 17)

Four guest rooms with two beds in each room. Toilet, shower and small kitchen with a small fridge and necessary equipment. 

Irrblosset (Vallavägen 10)

One room with four beds, toilet, shower and small kitchen with necessary equipment. N.B. The guest room on Vallavägen is closed until further notice and cannot be booked.

Fjärilen (Västra vägen 10)

One room with two beds. Toilet, shower and small kitchen with necessary equipment. 

gästrum på Fjärilen
Guest room at Fjärilen.

T1 (Drabantgatan 22 B och 24 B)

Drabantgatan 22 has two beds and a sofa (not sofa bed). Drabantgatan 24 has two beds and a sofa bed. Both rooms have toilets, shower and a small kitchen with necessary equipment.

All guest rooms are located on the ground floor.

Säng i studentrum med pentry
Guest room at T1.

What’s included in the guest rooms?

  • Microwave and hobs
  • Refrigerator with a freezer compartment
  • TV
  • Your own toilet and shower
  • Cleaning material
  • Pillow and a duvet