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Studenter som sitter lutade mot en fasad
Studenter som sitter lutade mot en fasad

Safety, security and comfort

How loud can I play music in my home? Is it OK for my neighbour’s TV to drown out my own TV? What do I do if my sleep is constantly interrupted? What should I do if there is a fire or a break-in? 

Safe housing and surrounding areas 

There are many different ways to create safe residential areas. We measure our tenants’ sense of security using our annual customer survey and take action based on your responses. This can include monitoring the perimeter of our properties to make it harder for unauthorised people to enter. Many of our homes have anti-burglary plates and peep-holes installed on the apartment doors. If needed, we can also install cameras in the stairwells. In order to create safe outdoor environments, we work on clearing bushes and improving lighting.

We have a disturbance watch that patrols our residential areas in the evening, night and over the weekend. You can contact them outside of our normal working hours if you are concerned or if something has happened. Together with our parent company, Stångåstaden, we also have our own staff patrolling some of our areas during the evening. You can recognize on their blue clothes that says “Trygghetsvärd”. 

What you can do yourself 

  • To prevent unauthorised people from entering our homes, it is important that you check that doors to stairwells and basements close properly when entering or exiting the building. If you see that something is blocking a door so that it does not close properly, please remove it.
  • Make the habit of always locking your front door and don’t forget to close your windows when you leave home.  
  • If you accidentally lost a key tag, it is important that you contact us and report it immediately, so we can block the lost key and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands or unwanted people entering the building. 

Respect your neighbours 

In a multi-family home, people live with different habits and sleeping rhythms, which can sometimes lead to problems and disturbances. Under the Swedish Rental Act, you should “reasonably tolerate” some temporary disturbances, but there are no rules or specific times for playing loud music, hosting a party or running the water. What matters is simple respect and common sense. 

What you can do yourself 

  • Try to create a good relationship with your neighbours, for example, by greeting them when you meet them 
  • If your neighbours are creating a disturbance, try to talk to them first. It is common that the person is not aware of the disturbance.
  • If the situation doesn’t improve, please report this to us. During daytime hours, reach out to your contact person for the area. For disturbances after business hours, call the Disturbance Watch at 013-14 84 44. When reporting the problem, you must provide your name and telephone number, but we will never share this information with the person who is causing the disturbance. The Disturbance watch will go to the location to check the situation and then talk to the neighbour creating the problem. All events, including those that cannot be confirmed, should be reported to us. Repeated or serious disturbances may lead to termination of the lease.