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Ryd vy ovanifrån
Ryd vy ovanifrån

Welcome to Ryd

If you want to experience real student life, stay where the action is, and be close to campus at the same time, Ryd is the place for you. Ryd is home to almost 3000 students, making it our largest residential area. Here, we offer both furnished and unfurnished dormitories as well as regular apartments of varying sizes.  

Good laundry and recycling facilities are an obvious service. As a resident of Ryd, you can also access the study rooms, sauna, beach volleyball court, tennis courts and barbecue places. In the heart of Ryd is also the popular student pub Ryds Herrgård [hg]. You can bike to campus in a few minutes. If you are studying at the University of Health Sciences or want to get to Linköping city centre, the distance is a little longer, but is still a comfortable cycling distance. 

Facts in brief
Distance to Campus Valla
Approx 1,3 km
Distance to Hälsouniversitetet
Approx 4 km
Distance to travel center
Approx 4 km
Nearest grocery store
Approx 100 m

Dormitories and apartments in Ryd

In Ryd there are both furnished and unfurnished dorm rooms as well as apartments in different sizes. The apartments are mostly unfurnished. Regardless of the dorm or apartment, you have access to book a sauna, table tennis and study rooms located in the area.

Example of a furnished dorm room in Ryd

Example of what a furnished dorm room in Ryd may look like.

Example of a one room apartment in Ryd

Example of what a one room apartment in Ryd may look like.

Map of the area

Pictures from the area

Ryds Herrgård
Ryds Herrgård – A place to study, pub and nightclub in the heart of Ryd.
Newly renovated billiard room on Rydsvägen. Easiest to book in our app.
Pingisbord utomhus i Ryd
Different outdoor activities available across Ryd, for example table tennis.
Bookable kitchen on Rydsvägen. Space for enjoyable dinners with friends.

Do you also want to live in Ryd?

You can find all available homes in Ryd under Find housing.

Fasad Rydsvägen 244