​​​​​​​​Corridor or own apartment? Furnished or unfurnished? At Flamman you can choose whatever suits you best. Whichever way you go, you'll get comfortable accommodation in a popular area with its own rhythm and soul, where the focus is on student life and the Flamman pub is a popular meeting place. Unless you decide to book the site's sauna instead! 

The district of Gottfridsberg and the Flamman residence are equally close to the Campus, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the centre of Linköping. There is an abundance of green space nearby and the residence is an easy bike ride from Rydsskogen, an area of woodland with fitness trails, an outdoor gym and football pitches.​

​Key facts

Distance from Campus Valla

approx. 2.2 km

Distance from Faculty of Health Sciences

approx. 1.5 km

Distance from bus/train station

approx. 1.5 km

Nearest food store

approx. 150 m

Built in


Last refurbished

2000 (kitchens and common rooms)


​3 275–7 363 SEK / Month


235 corridor room, 19,6 sq.m 
For example

2 one bedroom, 26,3 sq.m
For example

8 two room, 43,9 – 44,1 sq.m
For example

1 three room, 83,4 sq.m
For example​

“I think my corridor is probably the best one to live on”

Erika was tipped off about Flamman by her brother, who had already studied at Linköping. According to her, the best thing about this area is the location. And she loves living on a corridor!

Name: Erika Wiman
From: Sundsvall
Lives in: A corridor room in Flamman

Erika Wiman comes from Sundsvall, but has been studying at Linköping since August 2012. Now home is a corridor in the Flamman student area. 

So you didn't end up in Flamman by accident?
"No, my brother studied at Linköping so I'd been here to visit a few times. And he also told me he thought this was a good place to live." 

Was it difficult to get a room here?
"I was accepted on my course back in 2011, but chose to postpone my studies for year. That meant I'd collected quite a few points with Studentbostäder by the time I was ready to move here. Students from other cities also get priority on corridors, so it was all really easy."

So what's it like living on a corridor?
"I always wanted a corridor room, as I thought it would be good to live with other people, being new to the city. And it's nice always having someone to talk to. The apartment itself, or rather the room, is fine and I have my own toilet and shower. It might all be a tiny bit dated, but I still think this is the best corridor to live on."

What's the best thing about Flamman?
"Definitely the location. Flamman is perfect, halfway between the university and the city, and you can cycle everywhere really quickly. It's actually quite a quiet area, but we do have the student pub Flamman nearby and things can get quite lively when that's open. But being in the ideal place is fantastic!"

Read the whole interview with Erika here.