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Kollektivbostad i Vallastaden
Kollektivbostad i Vallastaden

Moving in

Congratulations on your new home! As a new student, there can be a lot of things to think about.
Here are the most important things to remember when moving in with us at Studentbostäder 

Picking up the keys

Picking up keys on the move-in date

When picking up the keys on the move-in day, the following applies:

  • The keys can be collected at Stångåstaden office (Tornbyvägen 1 F) on the move-in day after 12.00 noon. In case your move-in day is on a weekend or other public holiday, the following working day after 12.00 noon applies instead.
  • The staff at Stångåstadens office is mainly handling errands regarding collecting and returning keys. For any other questions, kindly contact us.

Picking up the keys before the move-in date

When picking up the keys before the move-in day, the following applies:

  • If you choose to pick up the keys and move in before your contract has officially started, you cannot raise any concerns about the cleanliness. This is simply because you do not yet have any agreement with us.
  • If you move in during a weekend or on a day when we are not open, it’s possible to receive a key from the tenant who is moving out. The other key must be collected at Stångåstaden’s office (Tornbyvägen 1 F) so that we can confirm the presence of all original keys. Please remember to bring the key given to you by the outgoing tenant so that we can compare both keys.
  • If it turns out that the key you receive directly is a copy, you will be responsible for covering the relatively costly lock replacement. Therefore, it may be safest to request the previous tenant to return both keys to us.

Picking up the keys after the move-in date

Of course, it’s possible to pick up the keys at a later time if you wish. In that case, the following applies:

  • The keys are to be collected at Stångåstaden’s office (Tornbyvägen 1 F) during regular opening hours. If you send someone else to pick up your keys, that person must bring their own identification and a power of attorney from you.
  • If your move-in date has long since passed, you will have no opportunity to raise concerns about the cleanliness. Therefore, we recommend that you visit your new residence around the move-in date, even if you choose to move in “for real” at a later time.

Parking permit at move-in 

During the move-in process, it can be useful to be able to park by the entrance or on the courtyard. To do this, you will need a parking permit, which you can obtain at [hg] in Ryd or when you pick up your keys at Tornet. However, please note that the permit does not apply to paid visitor parking areas or leased spaces within an area. You also should not park on grassy areas or leave your vehicle unattended for an extended period (approximately 15 minutes), as you risk receiving a parking fine.

Check that your home has been cleaned

When you move in, the apartment should be properly cleaned by the previous tenant. If this hasn’t been done or if the cleaning is poorly done, please contact us immediately, and we will conduct a cleaning inspection. If we determine that the apartment is not clean, we will hire a cleaning company and charge all costs to the previous tenant. Please remember to contact us on the same day you pick up the keys and before you have moved in all your belongings! Please note that this applies if you move in on your move-in day or in close proximity to it, not if you move in earlier or long after the specified date.

Finding things in the area 

On My Pages, under My home, you will find detailed information about your housing area, including a map, where the laundry room is located and important phone numbers.

Change of address

When you move in, it is important to submit a move notification to Swedish Tax Agency in order for mail from public agencies and utilities to arrive at your new address. You must submit a change of address notification, for example, to insurance companies, banks, associations and friends.

Household insurance

As a student you need your own home insurance to protect your home and your possessions. Länsförsäkringar Östgöta and Studentbostäder have collaborated to offer you 20% off your home insurance. 
Learn more about the service from Länsförsäkringar Östgöta.

Download our app

In our app, Studentbostäders boendeapp, you can easily book a laundry room, communal rooms, chat with us and pay the rent with Swish if you have a Swedish Bank-ID.

Download Studentbostäders boendeapp on Google Play.

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Yes, there should be two original keys for each apartment. You can collect one key from the departing tenant, but the second key must first be handed in at our office so we can check that all the keys are present.

There is a small risk for you in doing things this way. If it turns out that the key you get from the departing tenant is a copy, you will have to pay the relatively high cost of replacing the lock. It may therefore be safest to ask the departing tenant to leave both keys with us.

Yes, but only if the agreement is signed and the person collecting your keys can show authorization from you.

Here you will find the authorisation form for collecting keys:

If your moving in date is on a weekend or on a public holiday, you are able to collect your keys after 12.00 noon on the next working day. E.g. you are supposed to move in on Monday May 1 according to your contract, but that day is a public holiday in Sweden, so your moving in day will be pushed forward to Tuesday May 2 if that is a working day. This applies if you are moving out as well. You do not need to return your keys until 12.00 noon on May 2, according to the example above.

If you agree with the previous tenant to move in before the start of your contract and choose to do so, you have thereby waived the right to complain about cleaning and must accept the condition of the cleaning as it is.