How it works


To be able to search for accommodation, you have to be registered in our student housing queue. You can do this the same year as you turn 17 years old, even before you have been accepted by Linköping University. Register here today. It only takes a few minutes and you will then be able to log in easily using your personal ID/date of birth and password. 

Queue points

Once registered, you will start to collect points, one per day. All you need to remember is to keep your position in the queue active by logging in to My Pages at least once every six months. Your user account and your points are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you have children that are going to stay with you, you may be awarded 300 extra queue points. Present your family record card (Familjebevis) from the Swedish Tax Agency or an equivalent international document translated into English or Swedish. You can not apply for corridor rooms with the extra points.

Accommodation direct

Under the heading Accommodation direct' you'll see accommodation available for rental at short notice. This is allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis, no matter how many queue points you have. If you find accommodation here that you're interested in, you need to call us on 013-20 86 60. Remember that if you accept an apartment under Accommodation direct, this counts as a binding contract, even before you have signed the rental agreement. You can then sign the agreement digitally on My Pages or by coming into our office.

Register your interest

Once you have a confirmed place at Linköping University, you can start registering your interest in accommodation, up to a maximum of five choices at any one time. Your choices are not given any order of priority, so they should all be of equal interest to you. Available accommodation is published during the periods Sunday 9 am–Thursday 9 am and Thursday 9 am–Monday 9 am. Once the publication period is over, the accommodation is allocated according to queue points.



If, out of all the people who registered interest in a particular choice, you have the most points, you will receive an offer by email and on My Pages. You will also receive contact information for someone to show you around the accommodation. You can see in your offer how many days you have to either accept or reject the offer. The easiest way to do this is to click the response link under the offer on My Pages. If you accept the accommodation you have been offered, you will automatically be taken to the 'Sign agreement' page. If you do not respond in time, this will be taken as a rejection of the offer. After five rejections in a year, your queue points will be reset to zero. If you accept the offer you will keep the queue points.You can only have one offer at a time. This means that if the first person in the queue already has one offer, any new offer will go to the person next in the queue. If you accept an offer but change your mind, this still counts as a valid agreement, even though it is verbal. Inform us immediately, otherwise you risk having to pay rent. 

Tenants who have been in their accommodation for less than three months are not given priority for moving between accommodation of the same size. They are also not given priority to move to an equal accommodation with the same moving-in date as their current contract.​​

If you have been accepted at Linköping University for the first time and currently live outside the municipality of Linköping, you have priority access to vacant corridor rooms in August, September and October.


Sign agreement

If you have Swedish e-identification, you can sign your rental agreement with us online – quickly and easily. Obtaining e-identification takes just a few minutes and you can then use it to sign agreements and carry out transactions with various other agencies and companies. E-identification – or BankID as some banks call it – is issued by most of the big banks and by Telia. If you have internet banking, log in to that and download your e-identification from there free of charge. A direct link to your bank can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

If you do not have Swedish e-identification, contact us and we will send a rental agreement to you. This can be signed and returned to us in duplicate, along with a copy of a valid certificate of enrolment or letter confirming a place at the university. You are, of course, also welcome to visit our office to sort out your agreement.


Space for car, bicycle and other belongings

Do you need parking for a car or bicycle, or maybe extra storage space? Contact us to find out what options are available in your area.