​​​​Irrblosset is one of our most popular student residences, not least due to its location – five minutes on a lit cycle path through lovely Vallaskogen woods and you are in the heart of the Campus. The Faculty of Health Sciences and central Linköping are within equally easy reach heading the other way. 

Vallavägen 6–10 was converted into student accommodation in 1999 and now offers both apartments and corridor rooms, the latter of which can be furnished or unfurnished. Each block has a study room, as well as a bookable sauna and gym. The buildings in Vallavägen 2–4, offers well-planned, modern apartments with a bed alcove, dining area and tiled bathroom. The corridors have large common rooms and kitchens with a balcony or terrace.

2013 we inaugurated 22 new apartments on Irrblosset, both 1 room and 2 room apartments. In order to in a quick way meet the need for student housing in Linköping we converted the basement to housing. 218 new student apartments was built in 2016.

​Key facts

Distance from Campus Valla

approx. 1.1 km

Distance from Faculty of Health Sciences

approx. 1.6 km

Distance from bus/train station

approx. 2.5 km

Nearest food store

​approx. 500 m

Built in


New addition



​3 073–8 923 SEK / Month

131 corridor room, 18 – 21 sq.m
For example

540 studio apartment/one bedroom, 22 – 46 sq.m
For example

31 two bedroom, 37 – 47 sq.m
For example​

“A short bike ride through lovely Vallaskogen woods and you’re at the Campus”

A corridor room at Irrblosset was Linn's first choice, since she'd heard so many good things about the area. And so far, she's very happy with where she lives.

Name: Linn Berntsson
From: Jönköping
Lives in: A corridor room in Irrblosset

Linn Berntsson was very organised and started collecting housing points at several places long before she started studying. The points with Studentbostäder were put to good use when she began applying for accommodation in Linköping.

Did living on a corridor seem like an obvious choice to you?
"Yes, I thought it would be a cool way to get to know people, as I was coming to a new city on my own. Plus it's much cheaper. I also like being able to take a break from studying and head out to the kitchen for a bit of a chat – particularly around exam time, when you're not socialising as much with your other friends."

What did you know about Linköping and Irrblosset before you came here?
"I didn't really know much about Linköping beforehand. I'd only been here on a school visit once, that was all. I really knew nothing about Irrblosset. I read everything on the website, did some Googling and asked around as much as I could. Practically everyone only had good things to say."

Now you've been here a while, has Irrblosset lived up to your expectations?
"Absolutely. The whole corridor is beautifully maintained, and I'm really close to uni. It's a short bike ride through lovely Vallaskogen woods to get to the Campus, and we're just as close to the city too. It's a quiet and pleasant area that has student accommodation, ordinary apartments and family homes. It can sometimes get quite lively in the student residences at weekends, but that can be great fun."

Read the whole interview with Linn here.
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